How your custom piece begins with a dream and is realized to your doorstep.

Having a custom piece built for you can be an enjoyable process once you understand the basic steps.

Here at Sawdust City, we  walk with you through every step of the process from its concept, design, approval, crafting and the final delivery. What follows is an overview of the process.



Have you ever found a product you love, but it's just a little too small, not the right color, or somehow not quite perfect for you?  Imagine if you could make it exactly like you wanted.
No need to imagine, we can make minor adjustments to something you have seen, or we can build something entirely unique just for you.


Now it is time to get out your trusty tape measure. If you looking for a standalone piece, determine its desired physical size and record the overall height, width and depth that you want it to be. If you want the piece to have shelves, make a note of the number of openings and of any special spacing requirements needed.
If it is a built-in type of piece such as a mudroom locker system; take photos of the space it is to fit in and record the total height, width and depth of that space. It can be helpful to include the number of people that will be using the space.  A photo or rough sketch of the piece will help us get your piece into the workshop in the shortest amount time.  


Once you have taken down your measurements and any other special instructions, it is time to share them with us. You can call our designer Megan directly at 1-800-717-3031 or use the form we have here. You can send any photos or sketches to .
If you are modifying a piece you found here, let us know the product reference number found in the product information area. We may have a few additional questions for you such as if there are baseboards to work around or other obstructions. If the piece is to fit snuggly into a place, it is good to know this so we can make any necessary allowances.
Once we have received and reviewed the information about your piece, we will request your shipping address which will allow us to create a preliminary estimate for your review. A drawing can also be created for more complicated pieces.


Once you receive our estimate, carefully confirm the measurements and other specifications. If you need help choosing a color, please feel free to call and talk with one of us so we can help you out!


After you place your order, it is off the workshop!  Typically it takes from 7-10 business days to complete your piece before it’s ready to ship.  Once your piece is completed, we carefully package it for shipping and then it is sent using one of our reliable shippers.


We ship the pieces as fully assembled as possible. Some large pieces may have some minor assembly required which you will be informed of at time of purchase. The easier the assembly, the faster you can enjoy your order!